Philadelphia's Upscale Play Parties & High Protocol BDSM Events

Sacri-Delicious is a PRIVATE EVENT and you MUST be
on the mailing list to get a chance to attend. No Exceptions! 

'PLEASUREcation' a NEW BDSM event with a focus on
Education in the pleasurable arts. Mistress Zeneca to teach - SPANKING!!
Get your ticket for PLEASUREcation - Thurs. April 2nd 

'CHERRY NOIR' Mistress Zeneca's BDSM/Swinger Play Party

Click Here to RSVP for the NEXT 'CHERRY NOIR' - Fri. April 24th

The Theme: PARTY GAMES... Naked Twister, Kinky Jenga, the Wheel of Misfortunez, and PRIZES GALORE!!

Join our message board group or mailing list (at the linkabove) to be notified of more ElegantlyKinky events.

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